Visualize External Linking Anchor Text

The use of anchor text linking back to a website has been part of the search engine ranking algorithm for a considerable amount of time and is likely to remain so (to some extent) for the foreseeable future. Your website needs a natural looking linking profile in order to avoid any of the recent penalties as a result of the recent search engine updates (Google Panda and Penguin to name a couple).

Using Keyword Eye Pro, you are now able to visualize all external linking anchor text to a website in just a few seconds. This is a useful SEO report on quite a few levels. You are able to see what keywords are used when linking to a website and the individual counts for these keywords.

In the usual Keyword Eye fashion the report returns a keyword cloud where the size of the keyword reflects the amount of times this particular word or phrase is linking to the entered website. Hovering over a keyword displays the anchor text count.

You are able to sort the cloud by:

  • Random (no particular order)
  • Anchor Count Descending
  • Anchor Count Ascending

You can define whether the entered URL is for the domain as a whole, for a sub-domain or just the exact URL.

A simple pie chart shows the share of anchor text per website.

The grid view reveals the data in a sortable grid which can be exported easily.

This is a simple, powerful report which we hope will assist you with your SEO strategies. It can be used in SEO audits, presentations and reports to name a few.

If you have any feedback or suggestions regarding this report please leave a comment or email us directly.

Written by AJ Silber

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