New Keyword Visualization: Scatter Chart

If you have created a keyword report within Keyword Eye previously, then you will know that we mash up keyword search volume and competition metrics to visualize keyword research. At a glance you can see which keywords have high search volumes and which have low competition.

We have added a new visualization to all keyword reports within Keyword Eye (both Basic and Pro packages) which extends this to visualize search volume and competition scores for a set of keywords.

The scatter chart (found within the ‘Visualizations’ tab within any keyword report) maps each keyword as a dot, with monthly search volume on one axis and its competition score on another axis. You can hover over a dot to view the keyword in question. We think that this is a great new visualization to interpret a set of suggested keywords by search volume and competition.

In addition, if you delete a keyword from within the cloud or grid views the scatter chart will automatically refresh to reflect your changes. This is very useful for interpreting your refined keyword list.

We hope you find this new visualization useful – if you have any feedback please contact us.

Written by AJ Silber

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