How to Filter Keywords within Keyword Eye

One small, powerful but underused feature within Keyword Eye reports is the keyword filter. The filter icon appears on the right hand side of a keyword cloud report. I’m going to go through this feature to help you filter and refine your keywords.

Clicking on the filter icon opens the keyword removal filter. This has three inputs – metric, operator and value. The metric is the element of a report in which you wish to filter. In a keyword report this could be keyword or search volume for example. The operator is the logic behind the filter. The value is your own custom entry your your filter request.

Let’s say for example that you wanted to remove all keywords that does not contain the word ‘relationship’. You would choose ‘Keyword’ as the metric, ‘Does not contain’ as the operator and ‘relationship’ as the value.

This would update the cloud automatically and the number of keywords removed with the filter is shown.

What if you wanted to only show keywords with a search volume above 1,000 per month? You would choose ‘Search Volume’ as the metric, ‘Less than’ as the operator and 1000 as the value.

This filter is tailored to each of the reports available within Keyword Eye. In the domain ranking report (Pro only) you can filter keywords based on ranking or number of results returned. In the anchor text report (Pro only) you can filter keywords based on number of linking pages or referring domains.

As well as updating the results with a keyword cloud, a filter request also removes the associated keywords from the visualizations and grid view.

We hope you find this feature useful for all of your keyword adventures!

Written by AJ Silber

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