Find trending content and influencers for your keywords

We’ve added a couple of exciting features to Keyword Eye Pro which will allow you to quickly identify what content is working well in an industry and who the major influencers are.

This adds an extra dimension to your research which I hope you will find useful. Here are just a couple of ways in which you could use this to your advantage:

  • Find out what content in your niche gets the most shares. Discover what makes your audience tick.
  • Find out who the influencers are in specific topics and analyze their sharing activity.

To access these new features simply login to your Keyword Eye Pro account (if you’re interested in upgrading to Pro please click here) and generate a keyword report like you’ve done before. Right click on any keyword to view a menu like this:

Clicking ‘Find Top Content‘ will return popular content for your keyword in the last month sorted by the total number of social shares. You can view the number of shares on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ that each piece of content has received. Clicking on any of the titles will take you directly to the content.

Clicking ‘Find Top Influencers‘ will return the top 5 influencers for your keyword sorted by relevancy. View their follower numbers as well as reply, retweet and URL share ratios.

That’s not all!

We’ve expanded our content analysis tool to incorporate this fresh content data. Let’s say we we want to analyze keyword usage within trending content for the term ‘world cup’. We will add this as the keyword and choose the ‘trending’ option.

After clicking ‘Run Report’ we were able to generate the following keyword cloud (keyword size reflects frequency in this case):

It looks like ‘France’ and ‘Ronaldo’ are getting a few mentions as we speak!

I hope you find these new features useful. If you’ve got any questions or feedback please leave a comment below.

Written by AJ Silber

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