How To Find The Most Searched Keywords On Google

The size and power of Google is evident to so many people with it being the number one used search engine worldwide. It’s estimated to process 63,000 searches per second, which equates to 5.6 billion searches a day and almost two trillion a year. 

Out of all these searches, there has to be a list of keywords that are being searched more than others, right? Yes, and in this post, we will go through a list of the most searched keywords, how to find trending keywords, and everything else you need to know so continue reading!

How To Find The Most Searched Keywords on Google 

There are numerous ways to find popular keywords on Google, I like using Google trends as it’s the most reliable. You can search for keywords manually to inspect them or you can use Google trend’s ‘recently trending’ feature. 

I prefer using this as it does a lot of the work for you. It tells you the daily trending keywords and how many estimated searches they’ve got. There is also a real-time feature that allows you to find the most searched keywords as they come in. 

You can filter by location too if your goal is to find the most searched keywords of a specific country or location. 

You can also use Google keyword planner, Twitter, or other popular tools we’ll explain further down. 

Which Keyword Is Most Searched On Google?

YouTube currently takes the number one spot for the most searched keyword on Google with over 1.4 billion searches. Facebook is a close second with around 1.1 billion estimated searches.

These are the statistics accord to SEMrush from July-September 2021.  

How Do You Find Trending Keywords

Using Google Trends

Google trends is an incredibly helpful tool when it comes to finding popular keywords. It’s also free to use, unlike Ahrefs or SEMrush

You start off by searching a keyword you would like to inspect, Google Trends then comes back with a report for that keyword in which you can see a visual representation of how popular that keyword is. 

Google trends also allow you to filter the keyword within a certain time period, this can help you to figure out if a keyword is becoming more popular or if fewer people are searching it each year.  

There are also location-specific filters that can help you if you want to check the keyword in certain countries.

Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is similar to Google trends when it comes to finding trending keywords. 

It’s mainly used to help businesses to run ad campaigns however we can use it to find popular keywords, and it’s completely free. It works like Google trends, all you need to do is type a keyword and it will tell you:

  • how many monthly searches that keyword has 
  • the competition for the keyword 
  • the three-month change.


Using Twitter’s trending section you’re able to find trending keywords that people are searching in real-time. Keywords that appear in the trending section on Twitter are there for a reason as it means they are popular. You can even adjust your trending section to filter keywords in a certain location. 

This can help if you want to target a keyword in different countries. 

Keyhole Tool 

Keyhole is a real-time social media reporting and analytics tool. You can use it to gather data for multiple social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. With the trending keyword from the most popular social media platforms, you’ll have instant access to thousands of trending opportunities. 

However you can’t get access to all of this information for free it is a paid tool, although there is a free trial available to try it out. 

Social Mention

Social Mention is a free website that you can use to enter a specific keyword you want to check out. This tool doesn’t give you a list of currently trending keywords, you need to have a keyword in mind that you want to track.

Once searched, Social Mention will scour the internet to find everything about that keyword like when it was last mentioned, what the strength of the keyword is, and an array of other helpful information. 

Exploding Topics 

Exploding topics is a fantastic tool for helping you find trends before they become trends. You can filter the categories like crypto, science, pets, sales, and, many more. There is also a filter for you to choose the time period of the trend for example 1 month, 3, months, 1 year, and it even goes back 15 years.

You’ll then be given an impressive list of trending keywords in that niche. 

 What Were The Top 10 Most Searched Keywords in 2022?

This top 10 most searched keywords list shows us that it’s primarily brands that are being searched by users, and they are using Google to direct them to the website instead of typing in the URL directly. 

All NSFW keywords have been removed from the list, however, if they were included they would make up around 20% of the searches.

KeywordEstimated Search Volume
Whatsapp web607900000
Google translate 314600000


Finding popular keywords doesn’t have to be hard. There are various tools out there that you can use to your advantage, but you need to put in the work and find them as they won’t just fall at your feet. 

The best way to find the most searched keywords is through Google trends, however, there are some impressive tools out there that do a lot of the work for you, such as the Keyhole or Exploding Topics tool. 

I hope the information in this guide has been useful and you can benefit from it to get on the next trending keyword before everyone else does.

Written by AJ Silber

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