Adding Keyword Image Search

We have added a small but useful addition to Keyword Eye in both the Basic and Pro plans.

If you right click a keyword within the cloud and click ‘Image Search’ it will return images for this keyword in a new tab directly from Flickr.

Clicking on one of the images will open the full version directly on Flickr.

This addition can:

  • Act as a source of inspiration for keyword and content ideas
  • Show images for a keyword you may not have encountered before

As Keyword Eye is a visual keyword tool, image search seems to fit in nicely!

Please try this out yourself in either the Basic or Pro interface.

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Written by Jackson Miller

Jackson is a 10-year veteran of the SEO industry with expertise in in-depth keyword research, content marketing, and social media marketing. He shares his knowledge on the KeywordEye blog. Read more of Jackson's articles.