15 New Country Databases Added

We’ve just added 15 new country databases to Keyword Eye (Basic and Pro). The new databases are:


  • Google AR (Argentina)
  • Google MX (Mexico)


  • Google BE (Belgium)
  • Google DK (Denmark)
  • Google FI (Finland)
  • Google IE (Ireland)
  • Google IL (Israel)
  • Google NL (Netherlands)
  • Google NO (Norway)
  • Google PL (Poland)
  • Google SE (Sweden)
  • Google CH (Switzerland)
  • Google TR (Turkey)


  • Google HK (Hong Kong)
  • Google SG (Singapore)

Each new database holds 400,000 keywords apart from the Netherlands which holds 6,000,000. In Keyword Eye Pro we have added new currency types for the respective countries where keyword CPC (cost per click) data is collected.

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Written by Jackson Miller

Jackson is a 10-year veteran of the SEO industry with expertise in in-depth keyword research, content marketing, and social media marketing. He shares his knowledge on the KeywordEye blog. Read more of Jackson's articles.