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Perform SEO, content marketing, competitor research, and social media marketing.

How Can I Use KeywordEye

Our state-of-the-art searching tools provide in-depth keyword research, competitor research, Youtube, Amazon, and Google Auto Suggestions.

Keyword Suggestions

Our tool will show you what people are searching for on Google, Amazon and YouTube.

Competitor Analysis

See what your competitors are posting and linking to for your keywords.

People Also Ask

See what questions people are asking, so that you can target the questions with great informative content.

Backlink Analysis

Analyze your own or competitor’s backlinks. Find link-building opportunities.

Top Content Analysis

Type in a keyword and see content that is trending on the net for that keyword

Social Media Keywords

Find trends, keywords, and top posts for various social media platforms.

How We’ve Helped

“I wanted to find out keywords that I could target for my content website. KeywordEye’s tool and content helped me find opportunities for new content.”

Brian Jackson (Seattle, WA)

“I wanted to find new questions I could answer within my content. I found a set of questions that I added to my content and now I am generating more traffic.”

Brittany Williams (Buffalo, NY)

“I was able to increase my organic traffic by 73% in a matter of a few months. KeywordEye’s keyword suggestions were spot on!”

Jessica Williams (Dallas, TX)

We’ve helped over 50,000 people find keywords

Why Use KeywordEye?

Accurate Information 

We know how vital reliable information is for making decisions about your business. We pride ourselves on accuracy.


Multiple users can collaborate and use KeywordEye together. Share data between members.

Easy To Use

Anyone can use KeywordEye. Type in a keyword or site’s URL and our tools will do the rest.

Fast Searches

Easily find the date you need. Our friendly interface makes finding information simple. You can learn about your site with a few clicks.