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Keyword Eye is a suite of affordable, fast, no-nonsense visual keyword, content and competitor research tools to help with your digital marketing campaigns.


What can Keyword Eye do for me?

Simplify your keyword research

Simplify your keyword research.

Our unique visual approach adds a new twist to keyword research.

Keep an eye on the competition

Keep an eye on the competition.

Discover what keywords your competitors use within organic and paid search.

Know what keywords work for you

Analyze on-site content trends.

Gather keyword trends within the on-site content of top ranking search or trending pages.

Keyword Eye is a cool tool to help you with your keyword and competitor research. It can be used and interpreted in many ways such as:

  • Keyword brainstorming
  • Gathering competitor keyword and ranking data
  • Finding what questions people are asking for in your sector
  • Including in presentations and proposals
  • Analysing on-site keyword trends
  • Monitoring linking anchor text
  • Assisting copywriting and bloggers
  • Aiding affiliates to find a niche market

It makes keyword research creative, fast, simple and even fun.


Jam packed with useful features!

Keyword Eye includes a number of useful reports and features to help you with your keyword and competitor research. Take a look at a sample of these below:

Keyword Suggestion

Keyword Suggestion

Expand your keyword research with our visual keyword brainstorming tools.

Keyword Suggestion

Simply enter your topic and it will return a keyword cloud of ideas. Keyword size reflects search volume and colour represents how competitive it is (red- high, amber-medium and green-low). You can sort, filter and delete keywords easily and even add selected keywords to a shortlist to save for later. Dig deeper by right clicking on a keyword to get additional data such as synonyms, images and even trends from Google autosuggest. Ideal for keyword brainstorming.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Discover what keywords a domain or specific URL is ranking for.

Competitor Analysis

Find out what keywords competitors are ranking for in both organic and paid search engine results. Keyword size reflects monthly search volume and colour represents how competitive it is (using PPC data). Use this tool to monitor and compare new keyword entries whilst keeping your eye on the status of existing keywords.

Top Content & Influencers

Content & Influencers

Find top content & influencers for your keywords.

Top Content & Influencers

Find out what content in your niche gets the most shares. Discover what makes your audience tick. Find out who the influencers are in specific topics and analyze their sharing activity.

Question Finder

Question Finder

Discover what questions people are searching for containing your keyword.

Question Finder

Content is (and has always been) at the heart of the internet. Millions of users are using the internet to look for content. We want to create content that users are looking for. The 'Question Finder' tool helps you find questions (how, what, when, where, who and why) that people are searching for in your sector.

Link Analysis

Link Analysis

Monitor what keywords (anchor text) is being used to link to you or a competitor.



What are customers are saying:

  • The quality of Keyword Eye is just as good or better than most tools out there and costs much less. I love the clean and modern dashboard. What a bargain. It is very refreshing to see a tool like this, reasonably priced with no bloat.

    Matt Sells, Principal of BCCO

  • Keyword Eye has fast become an essential part of my digital marketing toolset. Not only is the data provided extremely useful, it is presented in a visually pleasing way that makes it great a tool for client reports, as well as analysis. The domain keyword report and anchor text report are superb and for the price I think it's a bargain.

    Tom Roberts, Head of Digital Marketing, So What? Media

  • Keyword Eye is easier to use than Google AdWords and its high level of functionality belies its incredibly low price. I also follow the Keyword Eye blog with interest.

    David Webb, Wordwebb Copywriting

  • Keyword Eye is a great tool for keyword research. The visual approach is a useful addition to keyword analysis for both our PPC and SEO campaigns. I'd recommend it to anyone who is involved with online marketing.

    James Munro, SEO Executive, Extreme Creations

... but don’t just take their word for it

We have been featured in a number of leading SEO blogs and conferences over the past year.

Plans & Pricing

Plans & Pricing

Compare our plans and features.



Try out our free plan to get started with Keyword Eye.

Features include:
10 keyword searches per day
Browse 36 Google country keyword databases
Google Autosuggest Tool
Amazon Keyword Tool
YouTube Autosuggest Tool


per month

Keyword Eye Pro extends our core keyword research tool with a number of PPC & SEO tools to help you get one step ahead.

Additional features include:
Unlimited keyword searches (fair usage applies)
Keyword CPC data
Competitor Analysis Tool (AdWords & Organic)
LSI Keyword Tool
Question Finder Tool
Top Content & Influencers
Link Analysis Tool
Save / Sync Keyword Lists
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Keywords per Report Up to 100 No limit
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Keyword Image Search Tick Tick
Synonym Finder Tick Tick
Keyword Data
PPC Competition Tick Tick
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Average CPC Tick
Competitor Analysis Tool (Organic & AdWords) Tick
Google Autosuggest Tool Tick Tick
YouTube Autosuggest Tool Tick Tick
Amazon Keyword Tool Tick Tick
Question Finder Tool Tick
LSI Keyword Tool Tick
Top Content & Influencers Data Tick
Link Analysis Tool Tick
Save / Sync Keyword Lists Tick
Ad Free? Tick
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All keywords added to your 'Selected Keywords' tab will be saved to your account automatically (so you can login at a later date and still have access to it).

That's not all - your 'Selected Keywords' list will be synchronized "live" with team members using the same account so you can now work together to build awesome lists.